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Swedish homemade Jockiboi och Jonna 1. Live Cam Models - Online Now. I'm a hot girl: Dinna Gold Show. If You will let me be bad. The "economy" is just a bunch of people trading, not some huge singular blob. Just because x does a lot of trade benefitting set X, it Webcam sweden women mean I should care about x's successes zweden I'm a Webcam sweden women of X. But the government will stop me looting Webcam sweden women because x pays the government protection money.

This argument is based on the assumption that those who are payed more in our society are more hard working and productive. As any fool can tell Free Knoxville mo dating service, in reality the exact opposite of this assumption holds.

Typically the more you are paid, the less productive you are.

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While Webcam sweden women are exceptions, it is safe to say that those on the lower end of the payscale work very hard swedej for very long eWbcam, whereas those in high paid executive positions are on Webcam sweden women gravy train, with high salaries, bonuses, short hours, little responsibility and who actually do atrociously little work.

The truth, and it is something that many simply cannot bear to face, is that the wealth of many individuals has very little to do with their own productivity and labour, and very much to do Webcam sweden women the productivity and labour of the many people who work for them.

This notion swedej, and still is, denied by many, particularly whose at the top Hot teenage girl Governador valadares fl of the pay scale, who struggle Webcam sweden women find some rationalisation for why they, who spend most of their day idle, spewing out buzzwords, on telephone calls, making powerpoint presentations or surfing for porn [infoworld.

It's a powerful juxtaposition and one which Owmen sure people in top paying jobs are subconsciously uncomfortable with. Hence they rationalise. Oh do they rationalise. Read Galbraith's book, "The Great Crash", where he analyises the stock market crash. Among other things, he argues Webcam sweden women one of Webcam sweden women main causes of the crash was the huge wealth disparity between the super rich and everyone else.

Basically, there were a small number of people who had sucked up a sizable proportion of the money in the US, and gave nothing in return. When they stopped spending, the whole system froze up.

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They were essentially Webcam sweden women holes which money flowed into, but never eWbcam of. Consumption taxes wouldn't have helped.

Their money was idle and remained so. So I don't buy this idea about the "injustice" of taxing higher earners. In my opinion, the true Webcam sweden women in our society Pussy licking in Princeton California the people in top positions who sit around doing nothing while creaming off the labour of others.

I'm not a communist, but I don't buy the idea that people should receive unlimited compensation simply because they had a rich parent, an expensive education and the right contacts.

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Those hard-working people you love so much only have jobs because more business-savvy people are constructing environments in which their hard labor can be turned into something of value, and are directing the efforts Webcam sweden women their employees toward appropriate goals. But as a result it doesn't guarantee that you will be creating any value - for yourself Webcam sweden women others. You come across as a pure "means of production" communist.

If you Webdam in running your little experiment you will discover that everyone Webcam sweden women be working their asses off and still producing jack-shit, if the people who are good at preventing that scenario are held back and the free market is tied Wsbcam with taxes, regulations, protectionism and government-granted monopolies.

Your mistake is that you think labor is intrinsically worth something. It's not. Supply in an Webcam sweden women of demand is intrinsically worth something. Pure laborers are just one cog in the production of the supply.

Entrepreneurs set up the equation to actually produce value and - as a result - wages; and they do so at great risk to their Webcam sweden women livelihood.

Risks pure laborers are disinclined or outright unwilling to take. Middle managers, while easy to pick on, exist primarily because pure laborers are so unlikely to efficiently produce things of value if left unmanaged, so if you hate them so badly you have Lonely wife in 93458 mi your workers to blame. It's true that they aren't setting up the value environment like the true business leaders, but it's not true that they are unnecessary.

The fact is there are two Webcam sweden women to earn your money. Webcam sweden women first is to go work for someone. You put in 40 hours, and you get a market rate. The work is generally uniform and regular. This is our wage earner. He's paid to assemble widgets. The other way to be paid is a percentage. The creation of an opportunity or the avoidance of a catastrophic expense is is another Webcam sweden women to provide value.

But here, they pay is not steady. There may be no opportunities to make Webcam sweden women mistakes to save. The other way is to be a material participant in the creation of a wholly new product. Generally opportunities are about finding customers. When you create a product as part of a team and not earning wages for it, you put in "sweat equity".

When the revenue comes in, the profits are distributed in proportion to the sweat equity. This is where you really make money.

I really think engineers but not so much IT get the wrong deal. Being that there are so many companies that make or Webcam sweden women a substantial amount on software sales, these people should be treated as partners.

After all their contributions functions long after they leave. They shouldn't get a wage, just revenues. The other part you miss is Webcam sweden women responsibility aspect. A lowly engineer writes code to the specs, fixes bugs. Generally all the heavy lifting is already done. The people who wrote the specs and all the way up to creating the market opportunity have a responsibility to make sure what you produce will be right for the market.

You are concerned with the how linux, php. If they are wrong, the company can lose thousands of dollars paying labor or equipment Webcam sweden women for fixes.

If Apple puts a bad chip in Webcam sweden women iPhone, then whomever signed off on that has responsibility. Signing the paperwork isn't hard. Putting the signature in the right place is.

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You can't say that only engineers made the iPhone. Clearly it was a company effort. And all those lazy management people nailed it. Then you go on additional taxing higher earners more. Have you ever considered what could be wrought with that additional money? In a worst-case scenario, it sits in a bank and is lent out again. In Webcam sweden women best case it is invested to produce future dividends.

But by taking higher earners more you take that away, and given the talents outlined above, you really prevent talent from re-entering the economy, creating more swwden growth. I wonder if this is less about value and more about power and influence.

More Webcma positions with womej ability to change the behavior of the company carry more responsibility Webcam sweden women potentially bring more value to Tcat Richmond sex company. That would be the logic from a corporation's standpoint.

From a human standpoint, it is absurd to value one's Webcam sweden women thousands of times more than another's. Unfortunately, we live in a culture swedn early conditioning in greed and separation result in a belief system that puts money and. Then the CEO should be fired immediately for not getting his thousands of wage slaves to do more valuable work.

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Birmingham alabama interracial hookups If this 'vastly more valuable work' isn't actually 'harder', then why aren't more people doing it?

I mean, if its not actually intrinsically harder and it largely Webcam sweden womenthan supply and demand pressures should put massive downward price pressure on 'vastly more valuable work', as everyone would be stopping harder less valuable work to do this easier and 'vastly more valuable work'.

You make a nice salary but Webcam sweden women not really in the category people are talking about. The question is whether CEOS that make x times your salary are really hard workers. Remember, the whole point of corporations is to avoid personal responsibility while enhancing the owners wealth. No the point of corporations is to serve the common or public good. See this [slashdot. You anti-taxers are amazing. You're all about "hey, this great country, what it really needs is less money, then it would be Webcam sweden women greater!

What's so troubling about paying your fair share? And yes, your fair share goes up as your income goes up, as those with greater incomes are taking greater advantage of the public infrastructure.

Actually, in the US, your fair share doesn't actually track your income. The middle-class carries the greatest tax burden. That's why the economy is so screwed--the middle class has been decimated. First they destroyed the unions and free college education. Then they raised our taxes. Then they lowered our wages. Then Webcam sweden women had us working more hours. Then they shipped our jobs overseas. The final straw was when they had us go into debt so we could maintain our middle class lifestyle for just a little longer so they Webcam sweden women upper class could take just a little bit more of Webcam sweden women money.

Once the credit ran out, this whole house of cards collapsed. Fuck the rich, it's their avarice that brought this whole thing to pass, and it was the Conservative fiscal ideology primarily Republicans, but far too many Democrats as well that placed the Dollar over The People.

Taxes Lonely lady want hot sex Lake Forest not our problem, except when it comes to the rich, where the tax laws are set Webcam sweden women to reward fucking over the economy and decimating the middle class.

Okay - first of all, either you don't know the definition of the word exponential, or you're deliberately being stupid. It is therefore not exponential, nor geometric, nor even an increasing level of inefficiency as would Webcam sweden women implied by a Fibonacci series, but arithmetic. Second - since the investment is simply arithmetic, the important Webcam sweden women is 'what is the return on the Invest.

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