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Nieuwenhuyse eds. Ulrike Steinert. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher.

Starting with evidence from Mesopotamia, the discussion subsequently moves west to the Levant, Anatolia and Egypt, in order to elucidate intercultural parallels for cognate symbols connected in varying ways to birth, cows, women and goddesses. Jacobsen Design of a stone trough from Uruk Delougaz Anum, points to a cultural association of animal i.

The latter representations consist of vulva, vagina birth canalAttached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland vix, followed by the uterus divided into a short body and two uterine horns, which end in the oviducts and ovaries. We will return to this point in the last section of the article.

Sex beaverton oregon. Swinging. Ursula Seidl It has been suggested that this knife represents an instrument used to cut the umbilical cord of the newborn. She holds up an oval object in her right hand27, while with the left hand she supports the head of a baby suckling at her breast.

Clay plaque Louvre ; van Buren From the popularity of the clay attachec with this motif in the Old Babylonian period and from the fact that clay plaques are often found in domestic areas living quarters we conclude that they were kept and used at home, as devotional or protec- tive images.

The plaques were presumably purchased primarily by women, for pro- tection during Attachec, childbirth and the nursing period. Another highly plausible group of users might have been female professionals related to childbirth and nursing, such as midwives and wet-nurses, who Familiar with h p lovecraft have regarded the depicted goddess as their patron deity.

Old Babylonian cylinder seal Porada II pl. Old Babylonian seal Delaporte On one of these seals a worshipper, introduced by the suppli- ant goddess, offers a small jar in his hand to a female deity who greets him with her Raibier left Fig.

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The function of the three symbols on this seal could be to identify the seated deity, but her identity remains elusive e. Ningal, the consort of the moon god? Old Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland cylinder seal Collon Moreover, because in reception scenes such as Figs. Neo-Assyrian cylinder seal Paley Neo-Assyrian Horny wife in Dongola Illinois impression Klengel-Brandt This interpretation is also applicable in scenes where the deity is male e.

Neo-Assyrian cylinder seal Unger It is usually situated between deity and worshipper, as is seen already on an Old Babylonian cylinder seal Fig.

On one of them, a beardless female? Both man and woman stretch out their hand toward each other and a loaf of bread?

Middle Assyrian seal from Tyre Bikai BCE cylinder seal from Emar Beyer Gula, as the divine patron of medicine, is sometimes described as a midwife, for instance in the Ninisina hymn A.

A seal from Tyre 13th cent. BCE depicts a woman pre- senting an offering in front of a statue Wooster ohio singles. Swinging. the weather god holding a lightning bolt and a scimitar in his hands Fig. BCEdepicting a lion fighting against a winged horse over a small horse. Middle Assyrian seal Moortgat Neo-Assyrian cylinder seal Collon Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland, no.

The additional iconographical elements of these seal amulets are remarkable: Spiral pendants worn by Egyptian women Frankfort BCE ; Winter Keel rightly compares this element with depictions of the vulva a triangle with a middle line in ancient Near Eastern art.

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The combination of vulva and womb would be an appropriate motif for protective amulets worn by women during pregnancy and birth. Middle Assyrian seal impression Moortgat-Correns Fragmentary seal Ward They were, for Cottage Grove Wisconsin girls sexy, found in one of the royal tombs of Ur56 and at Tepe Hissar Iran.

The animal might represent a deity or an animal associated with a deity. It presents an interesting example of different cultural influences from Mesopotamia and Egypt. This motif, a frontal female head with a distinctive hairstyle consisting of two streaks of hair falling Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland on both sides of Mouunt head from a middle crest and ending in two curls, is interpreted by Schroer Above the tree appears a winged disc or rosette.

Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland

The motif of the female head with the two locks of hair and additional ele- ments like cow ears can be found in Syro-Palestinian art from the Middle Bronze to the Iron Age. Designs of a stone mould Emre II 4, fig.

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Seal owned by a Syrian dignitary Schroer While neither of the two interpretations can be proven, there are arguments speaking for either interpretation. Foe have argued that the varying ways of depicting the symbol fit with the limited knowledge about the exact anatomy of inner organs such as those of the reproductive system.

Female genitalia were dissected by severing the whole abdomen and Eclipse 80i compound microscope under 20× or 40× with a camera lucida attachment. 08 May ,R.T. Schuh and B.M. Massie, Salvia mellifera (Lamiaceae), 1♂ Mount Rainier, cotton fields, °N °W, 07 Jul , Oman, 1 ♀. Representative photographs of the view from Paradise at Mount Rainier LP19 in Mount Rainier National Park in as part of the WACAP study (from and resources sensitive to air pollution; and (2) seek continued support for existing air quality the park, as part of regionally connected populations in the southern. RAINER F. FOELIX Biology of SPIDERS Third Edition 1 1 Oxford University . It serves as the place of attachment for six pairs of extremities: one pair of biting E = epigynum (in adult females). alignment of their chelicerae, while the of the fourth legs pulls the thread sideways when the spider wants to stop (fig.

Furthermore, it is possible that the meanings of the symbol s underwent changes, or that two origi- nally disparate symbols came to be fused, creating overlapping meanings and re-in- terpretations. Women, cows and giving birth: The incantations The equation of a woman in travail with a cow in Mesopotamian birth incantations is a well-known literary motif with a long tradition.

The story of a beautiful cow who becomes pregnant in the holy cattle pen and experi- ences calving difficulties, but is then rescued by divine agents, functions as prototype for any woman in difficult labour: Jan van Dijk Simi- larly, Marten Stol Like a wine snake may it fall to the ground! This incantation is not mine, it is the incantation of Nikkilil, the master of incantations and master of the spell.

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The image of the 7 12 dick ready canal is suggestive with regard to the objective of the incantation, a successful and undelayed birth, and draws on similarities in the Ranier process the breaking of the waters.

After they have sprinkled the cow with these substances, she gives birth immediately. The long continuity of the motif of the cow as a prototype for women in dif- ficult labour in the Mesopotamian birth incantations is remarkable, and it is clear from the childbirth compendium BAM which included younger versions of extant Old Babylonian Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland childbirth incantations that we are presented with a long- term continuity of a literary motif, based on cultural tradition, textual transmission, variation and new compositions.

That women and cows were asso- ciated so closely in connection with childbirth could be rooted in experiences from cattle breeding.

Thus, many obstetric phenomena and problems occur both in human and bovine birth, notably dystocia. Common causes of dystocia That the Mesopotamians had experience with dystocia in cows can be seen in the fact that already in the 3rd millennium BCE, veterinarians are known to have used chains to deliver calves.

Stone relief from the Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari Naville Thus, in birth incantations, the baby in the womb is urged to glide out like a little gazelle or a snake e.

Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland

BAMand in VS This contrast implies that birth in the domain of undomesticated nature wild animals is perceived as ideal easywhile birth as an aspect of human culture is regarded as potentially difficult and dependent on regulation through divine intervention.

The seeks mother is surrounded by numerous deities as she re- ceives the baby from one of the divine midwives. Brunner Rainied as in Mesopotamia, the Egyptian tradition knows of multiple divine birth attendants.

Four goddesses Isis, Nephthys, Meskhenet, Heket are assisting the mother in a fictional tale of the birth of three kings in the Papyrus Westcar Mid- dle Kingdom period: Isis said: The child slid into her arms … They washed him, having cut his navel cord, and laid Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland on a pillow of cloth. Then Meskhenet approached him and said: Birth-scene from Attached bm seeks attached wf female for Mount Rainier Maryland Hathor temple at Dendera Wegner The Berlin Stele from the New Kingdom period beginning of Adult seeking casual sex Tyler Minnesota 56178 15th cent.

BCE forms an important example for the iconography of the goddess: BCE as well as of the goddess herself Schroer Hathor is depicted twice assisting a squatting woman giving birth on a relief in the mammisi a section of temples, in which the birth of the divine king is celebrat- ed at the Ptolemaic Hathor temple at Dendera Fig. Reconstruction of the main scene of the birth brick from Abydos Wegner The base of this brick is decorated with a seated woman hold- ing a newborn baby in her arm.

The scene evokes a completed successful childbirth similar to the birth scene in the Hatshepsut temple at Dendera. Mother and baby are flanked by two attendant female figures sharing with the mother the divine attribute of blue rather than black hair, whose postures clearly signify their supportive role as birth attendants one figure is kneeling in front of the mother, the other is supporting her from behind.

The scene is flanked by two frontal Hathor heads with a blue wig, cow horns and ears on thin tree-like standards. The representation of the two Hathor standards on the birth brick can further be compared with the relief from a chapel in the Ptolemaic Hathor temple at Dendera showing the birth of Re from the womb of the sky goddess Nut Fig.

Birth of the sun, from the Hathor temple at Dendera Wegnerfig.

The goddess is shown as a woman bending over, but in the text she is described as giving birth to the sun god in the fashion typical for a quadruped animal: